Imagine a World Brightened by Art and Powered by Charity

When you buy a Pixel Panda, you’re investing in the future of art, charity, and innovation.

Buy a Pixel Panda


Art 4 Charity

As a Pixel Panda NFT holder, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade the aesthetics of your NFT by choosing one of our artists. The upgrade fee includes the artist’s charge, plus a 100% markup that goes directly to charity. Personalize your digital collection while making a meaningful impact on the real world.

Panda Adoptions

Every adoption not only brings a unique piece of digital art into your life but also contributes to our continuous support for pandas. We’ve built a thriving community around these lovable creatures and their digital counterparts. You’re not just buying; you’re adopting a cause.

Our Mission Statement

We’re all about art, charity, and innovation. When you buy a Panda NFT, you’re not just picking up a piece of unique digital art, you’re also contributing to a bigger picture. A portion of every purchase helps real pandas in the world and feeds into creating a digital ecosystem that’s all about empowering you.

We’re turning the power of NFTs into a force for good, using it to drive positive change both in the digital world and beyond. It’s about art with a purpose, charity with impact, and innovative technology that puts you in control.

Together, we can create a space where art, charity, and innovation intersect to make a difference.

Our Latest Success Story

When Alpha Pharaohs’ TombRaid platform stalled due to a non-responsive developer, we, stepped in. We rewrote the platform from the ground up, bringing it back to life for the eager community.

But we didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of community engagement, we developed the Community Rewards product. This tool rewards both Alpha Pharaohs and Pixel Panda Crew members for promoting their projects on Twitter, fostering a sense of collective growth.

This story is a testament to our commitment to problem-solving, innovation, and community empowerment. At Pixel Panda Crew, we’re building a vibrant ecosystem where every member contributes to our shared success.