Pandas are about inclusivity. The crypto/NFT world has room to grow here. So here’s some help.

  1. For All: Use ‘fam’ or ‘everyone’ instead of ‘guys’ or ‘boys’.

Ex: “Hey everyone, check this out!”

  1. Pronouns: Not sure of someone’s gender identity? Easy, use ‘they’ or just ask them.
  1. Sexual preference: Don’t guess. Listen to them.

Ex: “Are you seeing someone?” instead of “Do you have a girlfriend?”

  1. Stereotypes: Avoid jokes that stereotype people. What’s funny for one might hurt another.

Ex: Don’t say “All boys are lazy.”

  1. Microaggressions: Small comments can hurt, too. Listen if someone tells you they’re upset.

Ex: Don’t say “You’re good for a girl.”

  1. Learn: Everyone makes mistakes. Apologize, learn, and move on.
  1. Help Out: If you see someone else using language that excludes a group of people, help them understand.

Ex: “Next time, try saying ‘Hey everyone’.” Let’s look out for each other. Thanks, panda fam! 🚀🌍